Simple Super Green Smoothie

file_000-19Nutritionally dense, lush tasting super smoothie is complete with healthy mono-saturated fats, abundant in raw phyto-nutrients needed for cell repair and boosting the immune system; high in tip-top protein, and fibre which is essential for good digestion and supporting a healthy gut. It is also overflowing with minerals needed for good functioning of our bodily systems not to mention Vitamin E which is great for the skin and gives you that healthy glow.

Having regular smoothies is a great way of getting lots of necessary nutrients into your body on a daily basis which help support a healthy immune system. They are quick to make and a great way to power up your brain first thing in the morning!  Nourishment from this smoothie will help keep you satiated until lunchtime.

Ingredients 💚

  • Half a medium size Avocado
  • Half a frozen banana
  • Handful of organic spinach
  • 5 Whole Brazil nuts
  • Water/Koko milk depending on your preference


Place all the ingredients into a high-powered blender such as Nutri-Bullet. Top up with water or Koko milk, or both, so the liquid just covers the ingredients. Blend until a smooth and beautiful and creamy consistency is produced. Enjoy!


Using Brazil nuts or any other nut such as the Cashew or Almond nut in your smoothie will negate the need to add a nut milk since the nuts and water combined in a smoothie will create its own creamy nut milk!  Nuts inject a fix of healthy fats, minerals, fibre and top protein into a smoothie.

Brazil nuts are small powerhouses of nutrients. They are high in minerals such as selenium which is needed for good thyroid function; magnesium which the body needs for muscle function, absorption of energy from food and the production of protein. And vitamin B6 which is required for so many processes in the body including the balancing of hormonal changes in women as well as helping break down amino acids in the intestines.

It is important to vary your nut intake; likewise with other certain foods. Too much of the same thing can result in intolerance and sensitivities to that particular food hence causing inflammation in the intestines. If you suffer with digestive distress it is likely that you already have sensitivities towards certain foods. I recommend that you soak your nuts whenever possible, before use, to rid them of the phytates (phytic acid) which can aggravate the gut. Phytic acid is a natural pesticide substance that the plant produces to prevent it’s fruit from being eaten by insects and can cause aggravation to the gut.

This smoothie is a perfect way to start the day without spiking your blood sugars 💚


Author: clairekinghealthandnutritioncoach

Welcome! My name is Claire and I am a proud mum, Complementary Healthcare Therapist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and passionate lover of food and nutrition.

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