Sarah – Cornwall

When I initially spoke with Claire, I was going through some huge changes in my life. Firstly, I had moved house and was 6 hours away from where I’d been living for over 30 years. I moved during the pandemic and then one month after I was in my new house I started with perimenopausal symptoms, lots of physical and emotional changes were going on and I should have felt on top of the world, but in reality I felt confused, low and de-motivated and my body felt sluggish and bloated.

Claire helped me to set some realistic goals to help resolve my anxiety, explore a sustainable, healthy eating plan to lead to some weight loss and deal with digestive issues and also to establish what was going on with my monthly cycle.

Claire helped me to work towards these goals using many techniques including breathing exercises and suggestions to meditate. She provided me with lots of resources so that I could do my own research too as well as giving me lots of information on nutrition, gut health and food portion sizes. I really enjoyed trying out the recipes on her blog!

The biggest tangible change for me was being able to take control of my thoughts and feelings and being able to establish that I am in perimenopause and how to really focus on my mind, body and self, something that I have never truly embraced, until now. I truly feel calmer and more grounded and have a greater understanding of regaining balance in my life.

The most significant overall change that I have noticed is that I have come to an acceptance of where I am in life and I have reconnected to myself, taken time out to appreciate “me” and take better care on myself.  My anxious thoughts are much fewer, I  breathe my way back to calmness. I am learning to let go of the guilt around spending time on myself and my own growth and development. I have started a daily journal and find that affirmations work wonders too!

This is my time!

Claire is a kind and compassionate lady who listens with empathy and is very knowledgeable.  I would recommend her programme to anyone who needs to bring balance into their lives surrounding any issue.

Thank you Claire for everything, its been a life changing experience and I will continue to use all the tools and knowledge that you have shared.

Mum of three – Shoreham-by-Sea

Claire takes a wonderfully holistic approach to her coaching and so the sessions are not just about food, eating and diet. Her approach has helped me to see how my lifestyle choices, relationships and self esteem are all interlinked and the impact these were having upon my physical, mental and emotional well being, especially for me, upon my digestion. 

At the start of the sessions, Claire helped me to set realistic goals. Her encouragement and coaching kept me accountable to them which I really appreciated. 

I was delighted to have achieved my goals we set by the end of my course of sessions, and this has helped me to keep in place for the long term, strategies and lifestyle changes I made with Claire’s help. 

Claire’s knowledge, understanding, resources, responsiveness and wonderful empathy has helped me to grow in confidence to make lasting positive lifestyle changes for myself. 

I would recommend Claire to anyone who desires to gain not only better health physically, mentally and emotionally but also understanding as to how these impact one another in our lives and how to make positive and lasting changes. Claire will help you to make these positive changes not only to your diet but also to other important areas of your life. 
Thank you Claire! 

Steve – Shoreham-By-Sea

Being a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME for 25 years, I sometimes need the motivation to review/reset my diet and my general well-being.
I went to Claire for help on this and can highly recommend her three month program. Claire is a great motivator and her knowledge and advice really helped me to get back to a healthy lifestyle, the result being more energy to enjoy my summer trip to Australia.

Elaine – Southwick, West Sussex

My top three goals upon starting Claire’s three month program were to control and alleviate my gut problems stemming from diverticulitis and handle my food allergies more efficiently. To increase my feeling of well being and improve my stress levels.

Claire was able to help me work toward these goals by supporting me with dietary changes. I kept a food diary throughout which was a valuable tool. We worked on developing breathing techniques to reduce stress too. She made it fun with helpful advice on recipes, books and moral support during sessions.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the beginning of the program and that I wasn’t aiming for but seems to have happened is quite a substantial weight loss of 2 1/2 stone.

I am happier and less stressed with more energy because with Claire’s advice I have the tools to go forward and achieve further goals and more importantly maintain the ones I’ve achieved.

I would describe Claire as easy to talk to with the knowledge to make you work through your problems and boost your morale when you fall into bad habits. You come away from sessions feeling good about yourself and determined to achieve your goals.

I would recommend Claire to anyone who would like to find out about their diet and see if they achieve health and well-being as I did. She would be a great asset to a Doctors surgery for preventative medicine e.g. Obesity, genetic gut disorders, the growing problem of allergies which might alleviate the overburdened NHS.

Fiona – Shoreham-by-Sea

I want to write this as a thank you to Claire. I was having a low chapter in my life and sought help and advice in several directions. I knew I felt I would benefit from helpful tips in the eating area of my life, more essentially, face my sugar cravings!

After consultation with Claire, 6 following sessions were quickly set up. I was very open minded to what I would be learning; finding out about food was not first and foremost!

Claire used her health coaching skills to find out about me from inside and out so to face the issues deep rooted that were causing my sugar cravings and feelings of low self esteem etc.

I discovered through talking and soul searching exercises that much had been locked away and not faced from previous chapters of my life and I was shocked how I didn’t really know myself very well at all! The most worrying thing was that in order to cope with my problems, I was filling my life with such busy-ness and had not no time or space for ‘me’ at all. This had become very painful, but only I could change that pattern of punishment.

During the six meetings, Claire introduced me to mental exercises, physical breathing exercises and pampering routines that she felt would benefit me. Each time we met, I was able to be open and honest. Everything was there to grab hold of and do but only I could make that time and effort. Claire was always supportive and caring and very kind. I could text her if ever I needed to chat about anything.

We set goals over the weeks or should I say – I set my goals. Claire wanted me to decide on my goals, my choices for what we discussed. It was all down to me. After discovering that I had had little control over my life suddenly my thoughts and decisions were all mine. Claire helped me discover the grey areas in my life and encouraged good, positive changes. It was easier to make changes when I knew I would be meeting with Claire in a week or so, but now I stand on my own equipped with good advice, feeling I know myself better and the desire to make time to put me first and give myself time to do what makes me feel happier and stronger.

Thank you, Claire, so much for such support in a world that sometimes seems a little bit short of those who really care about others. I so appreciate you and your coaching.

Jane, Shoreham-by-Sea

I started seeing Claire as I wanted some help with a few diet related concerns and also to gain more knowledge about healthier nutrition and how different foods can affect my health.

From the start, Claire was fabulous, very kind and empathetic with an incredible listening ear. She not only looks at your diet but your lifestyle as well and how all this impacts on your health and well-being.

Claire is completely non-judgmental – I’m very good at feeling guilty, and she is very reassuring. With her wealth of knowledge and her holistic approach, Claire highlighted other areas of my life that needed looking at for my health benefit. I was encouraged to make small changes at a time, both in diet and lifestyle, throughout the course of three months. Nothing scary, just sensible adjustments. These were always reviewed at the next session.

Since seeing Claire, I am so much more aware of what I eat; what is good for me and how to boost my nutrition.

As a family, we now love our smoothies, it’s such a great way to get essential vitamins and minerals in one meal and a fabulous way to start the day. We enjoy the challenge of eating the rainbow! Abi’s stir fry last night had every colour, (Yes, Claire – Abi, my youngest whose plate often resembles multiple shades of yellow).

I’ve gained a lot from these sessions with Claire, both in knowledge and in understanding the needs of my body. I can highly recommend Claire and wouldn’t hesitate to see her again in the future.


Cat Vizor, CEO Charity

“Thank you so much Claire, after just 3 months I feel a huge difference in my well-being; I achieved my goals with your generous support, of feeling calmer, reducing stress, relieving stomach pain and identifying problematic foods and drinks as well as strengthening my mindset. With your gentle approach you have enabled me to find solutions and problem solve for myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who wants to bring about a more holistic attitude towards good health.”

Nicola. Shoreham-by-Sea

Over the last 4 years major personal and professional events, generally beyond my control, have gradually ground me down and despite demonstrating great resilience I had to make a decision to resign from my job in January in order to assess my poor health.

Thank God I did.

My Goal was to develop a DAILY structure to implement healthy routines = improved sense of happiness and well being; peace and reduced anxiety bursts that cause sense of doubt and lower self esteem.  I found Claire in our local magazine and found her to be very calm, approachable and considerate. She opened my eyes and gave me the push to revisit my diet, skincare, yoga and meditation.

Claire – Thank you for pushing me and your encouragement has given me more energy, good habits and time to enjoy new things with friends and family.

I have recently started a new job with a very different outlook.

My Wellbeing comes First!! Work to Live not Live to Work



Sharon, Brighton

I would recommend Claire to anyone who suffers with gut problems, who is looking to improve their diet, increase their energy levels and would like to feel healthier.

My top three goals upon starting the 3 month program were to improve my gut issues, to develop and eat a healthier diet and improve my overall general well-being.  Claire was able to help me work these goals by educating me on different foods, ways of eating and how nutrition can affect digestion. Claire offered support and encouragement whilst I made changes to my diet, without being forceful.  I now check all the ingredients while buying food and I’m much more aware now of what I’m eating and how my body reacts to food.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been an increase in my energy levels and my skin looks brighter.

I would describe Claire as informative, supportive, encouraging and kind with lots of knowledge, not just about Nutrition but also in the field of overall well being.

Not only did Claire help with my digestive problems, she also looked at what was going on with me holistically, which included some hormone issues I was having. She encouraged me to meditate and learn how to look after myself in other ways, such as keeping up with my yoga regularly which all helped.




Claire has completely changed the way I feel about food. For over 20 years my relationship with food has always been up and down but now it feels stabilized and maintainable. Claire’s knowledge, expertise and advice is not a quick fix but a sustainable and realistic way of life which I am so pleased and ready to embrace

My top three goals upon starting the 3 month program were to feel less bloated, be less constipated have an appetite and enjoy eating food.

Claire was able to help me work toward these goals by explaining how food reacts in your body; foods that can aggravate and food that is more gentle on your tummy.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been.. I am more aware about which foods agree with me and make sure that my fridge and cupboards have plenty of easy reach good foods rather than processed snacks.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been..I rarely feel bloated now, constipation is better and I look forward to eating food. I also feel slightly slimmer, have clearer skin and more energy.

I would describe Claire as extremely knowledgeable about food and diet, very calm and interesting to talk to.

I would recommend Claire to friends and family who want to find ways to improve their general health and wellbeing.