Sarah – Cornwall

When I initially spoke with Claire, I was going through some huge changes in my life. Firstly, I had moved house and was 6 hours away from where I’d been living for over 30 years. I moved during the pandemic and then one month after I was in my new house I started with perimenopausal symptoms, lots of physical and emotional changes were going on and I should have felt on top of the world, but in reality I felt confused, low and de-motivated and my body felt sluggish and bloated.

Claire helped me to set some realistic goals to help resolve my anxiety, explore a sustainable, healthy eating plan to lead to some weight loss and deal with digestive issues and also to establish what was going on with my monthly cycle.

Claire helped me to work towards these goals using many techniques including breathing exercises and suggestions to meditate. She provided me with lots of resources so that I could do my own research too as well as giving me lots of information on nutrition, gut health and food portion sizes. I really enjoyed trying out the recipes on her blog!

The biggest tangible change for me was being able to take control of my thoughts and feelings and being able to establish that I am in perimenopause and how to really focus on my mind, body and self, something that I have never truly embraced, until now. I truly feel calmer and more grounded and have a greater understanding of regaining balance in my life.

The most significant overall change that I have noticed is that I have come to an acceptance of where I am in life and I have reconnected to myself, taken time out to appreciate “me” and take better care on myself.  My anxious thoughts are much fewer, I  breathe my way back to calmness. I am learning to let go of the guilt around spending time on myself and my own growth and development. I have started a daily journal and find that affirmations work wonders too!

This is my time!

Claire is a kind and compassionate lady who listens with empathy and is very knowledgeable.  I would recommend her programme to anyone who needs to bring balance into their lives surrounding any issue.

Thank you Claire for everything, its been a life changing experience and I will continue to use all the tools and knowledge that you have shared.

Author: clairekinghealthandnutritioncoach

Welcome! My name is Claire and I am a proud mum, Complementary Healthcare Therapist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and passionate lover of food and nutrition.